CE RoHS ISO9001 Approved 100KN Universal Testing Machine With 2 Years Warranty

JVJ-100S / JVJ-100P universal testing machine adopted intelligent process control systems, double control mode, frequency Control System, with high precision displacement advantage; Force measuring use high precision load sensor, displacement use high precision displacement sensor, ensure the displacement accuracy; upper and lower double space design, can do stretching, bending and compression test through replacing the fixture; high-strength aluminum alloy with supporting pillar, can greatly improve the overall stiffness of the testing machine; built-in high-precision ball screw rod, which can effectively improve the precision of displacement control.

Product Details

Main function & features:

1.Control system: adopted Pulse Command control mode ensure more accuracy control, speed control range 1-500mm/min. After test finished, it can automatically return to the origin status, and automatically store the test data.

2.Data transmission: RS232 transmission.

3.Display mode: UTM107 + WIN-7 test software (display on the computer screen). 

4. The total force space divided to 7 section in the software, with more high accuracy; When operation, only see one section on interface, operation more easy. The force calibration can based on total force as one section, also can based on 7 section to calibrate it.

5.Luxurious test interface software can setting the control mode of speed, displacement, test load (can setting load dwell time), also can setting the control mode of test load rate, strain force rising rate, strain rising rate (deformation rate), and with multi-stage control mode can meet different testing requirements. 

6.Full space displacement: use high precision displacement sensor, 4 times increase accuracy; Using the LINE DRIVE sensors, with strong anti-jamming capability; Displacement resolution: 0.01mm; 

7. Safety devices: overload emergency stop device, upper and lower travel space limit devices, leakage automatic cut off power system, breakpoint automatic stop function. 

8. Manual control mode: wireless remote control device or manual operation box. ( for optional purchase) .

9. The modular test standard: Program adopting open database structure, integrated the GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS ... Etc standard.

10. Specimen data: allow user to set all the needed test data, once entered can be repeated used forever. And can edit the formula to improve test accuracy.

11. Double Report Editor: Completely open users edit report, the operators can select the preferred report format (testing program add built-in Excel report function, extend the previous pattern of a single professional report)

12. The display decimals of length unit (force unit), can be dynamic switch, the force unit T, Kg, N, KN, g, lb, displacement unit mm, cm, inch. 

13. Graph scale curve automatically adjust optimization (Auto scale), ensure the graph display in optimal.

14. Test data can be output in EXCEL format.

15. Test finished, the result can be stored automatically, also can by manual; After testing finished, the machine can automatically calculate the maximum force, the upper and lower yield strength, loop method, successive approximation method,  non-proportional extension strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, elongation strength at any given point, constant load elongation, modulus of elasticity, elongation rate, peel range, maximum, minimum, average, net energy, total energy, the flexural modulus, the displacement x% break load, break load X% displacement etc.

Backup: Test data can be stored on any hard disk partition. 

16.Language: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English.

17.The software has historical test data presentation capabilities.

Main application:

Used in metallurgy, construction, light industry, aviation, aerospace, materials, universities, research institutes and other fields.



Max. Load100000N100000N
Load resolution1/100001/7000
Load accuracy≤0.5%≤1%
Load amplification7 segments auto switch5 segments auto switch
Disp. resolution1/10001/1000
Disp. accuracy≤0.5%≤1%
Metal stretch meter resolution1/10001/1000
Metal stretch meter accuracy≤0.5%≤1%
Large deformation stretch meter accuracy±0.5mm ±0.5mm
Speed range1-500mm/min5-200mm/min
Effective space800mm800mm
Load cellImportedMade in China
Capacity section7 sections5 sections
Dynamical systemServo motorvariable frequency motor
Test width300mm
PowerAC220V  50HZ/60HZ
Rated power5KW
Dim. size560*800*1960mm
Standard accessoriesUniversal testing machine 1 set, tensile fixture 1 pc, measuring software 1 pc, document 1pc
Optional purchaseMetal stretch, large deformation and all kinds of fixture extensometer

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