Compound Steel Universal Hardness Tester (HBRVM-187.5)

Steel Universal Hardness Test, Steel Universal Durometer, Laryee Universal manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Steel Universal Hardness Tester (HBRVM-187.5) and so on.

Product Details

                                       Jvjing Precision has great competence in producing compound steel universal hardness tester (hbrvm-187.5) as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various testing equipment. Please rest assured to buy the low price equipment at a discount from our factory. And the price list and the quotation are also available if you need.

Basic Info

Product Description

It serves the purpose of measuring the hardness of ferrous, non-ferrous
Metals, hardmetals, carburized layers and chemical treating layers.


Model HBRVM-187.5
Rockwell scales HRA, HRB, HRC
Brinell scales HBW2.5/31.5, HBW2.5/62.5, HBW5/62.5, HBW2.5/187.5
Vicker's scales HV30, HV60, HV100
Preliminary test force 98N(10kgf)
Rockwell test load 588N(60kgf),980.7N(100kgf),1471N(150kgf)
Brinell test load 294.2N(30kgf),306.5N(31.25kgf),612.9N(62.5kgf),
Vickers test load 294.2N(30kgf), 588N(60kgf), 980.7N(100kgf)
Magnification of microscope 37.5X and 75X
Loading control Automatically
Max. height of specimens 170mm(Rockwell hardness)
140mm(Brinell, Vickers hardness)
Distance from indenter's center
 to OuterWall
Duration time 2-60S
Power supply AC220V/50Hz ,AC110V/60Hz
Weight (kg) 80
Standard accessories Diamond Rockwell indenter, Diamond Vickers indenter,
?1.5875mm hard alloy ball indenter, ?2.5mm, 
?5mm hard alloy ball indenter, 
Testing table (large, medium, "V"),
Standard hardness block ( Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers ),
Power cord Weight (0#,1#,2#,3#,4#),
15X microscope eyepiece, 2.5X objective, 5 X objective lens

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