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1. Quality Commitment

a.Product manufacture and inspection are with quality records and inspected data.
b.We guarantee products provided qualified in consistent with national and international industry standards, ensure that all equipment are strictly in accordance with the contract tenders, ensure that all the devices out of the box 100% qualified, acceptance criteria for test for 48hours in a row without a glitch.

2. Delivery Commitment
a.Delivery time: customized with customers;
b.Upon delivery of products, we provide the following file:
1) Operation manual 2) Warranty cards; 3) Instructions; 4) Qualified certificate.

3. After Service Commitment
We provide following warranty policy:
a. One Year Warranty Policy: within one year after acceptance in addition to damage beyond human control, we take responsibility for the free repair and replace spare parts.
B. Lifetime Free Maintenance: If equipment is beyond warranty time, we will provide free repair  and just charge spare parts.

4.Technical Support
We provide users with a free, detailed technical support, for the convenience of the user's management, we will provide users with complete equipment management plan, to ensure that users get the value-added services in time. Technical staff can completely remove your worries, which makes the product work maximum value.
Customers can make technical requirements via E-mail.
Technical support email: info@siomm.com
Please indicate in the subject line of the E-MAIL "technical support".

We promise we will give you a reply within 48 hours and solution provided within 3 working days.

In order to make the user able to skillfully master the essentials of basic products, understand its characteristics and strengthen cooperation between the two sides, our company will provide free training to the customer.
Our technicians will be in the process of integration and users ' technical staff working together to complete system integration work. In the meantime, our technical staff will introduce to the users 'technical staff as following: 1. product overview; 2. equipment configuration method 3. Inter-operation between devices; 4, equipment maintenance; users and technicians can work to complete maintenance and application. When system is completed, we will remain long-term provision of technical advisory services to the user, to provide technical information to the user. Users and technicians can specify at technology direction our  engineers continue to provide technical advisory services.