Multi-function Digital Brinell and Rockwell and Vickers Universal Hardness Tester

Technical parameters:

Product Details

Technical parameters:


HBRVD-187.5 (Approved by CE certificate, ensure the safety operation of the machine. Certificate No.: GB/1067/3980/12 Issue 1)

Rockwell scale
Test force

60Kg (588N),100Kg (980N),150Kg(1471N)

Brinell scale
Test force

HBW2.5/31.25,HBW2.5/62.5,HBW5/62.5, HBW2.5/187.5
31.25Kg(306.5N),62.5Kg (612.9N), 187.5Kg (1839N)

Vickers scale
Test force

30Kg(294.2N),60kg(588N),100Kg (980N)

Conversion Scale


Initial test force


LCD Screen size


Resolution ratio


Amplification of microscope

37.5X, 75X

Hardness value range

Rockwell: 20~88HRA  20~100HRB       20~70HRC
Brinell: 8~650HB
Vickers: 8~3000HV

Hardness value read

Big digital LCD

Loading method

Full automatic (load, dwell, unload)

Specimen maximum height allowed

Rockwell: 170mm
Brinell, Vickers: 140mm

Throat depth allowed


Dwell time

1~99S ( each step is 1 second)

Power supply

AC220V + 5%, 50~60 Hz , (AC110V available)

Instrument size and weight

460×160×660mm (L×W×H),   85kg  

Package size and weight

625x430x900mm (LXWXH),   100kg

Data output

Built-in printer, RS-232 interface (Export data to the computer for long time preservation)

Executive standard

GB/T230.2,GB/T231.2,GB/T4340.2,ASTM E18,ISO 6508,JJG112,JJG150,JIS B-7734

Standard accessories

1 piece:
Hardness tester ; 15x digital display micrometer eyepiece ; 2.5x , 5x object lens ; Rockwell diamond indenter ; Vickers diamond indenter ; Φ1.588mm,Φ2.5mm,Φ5mm, hard alloy ball indenter ; large, medium, “V” shape, and slide test platform ; data transmission software ; accessory box ; dust-proof cover ; power cable ; manual instruction; certificate of quality; warranty card .
5 pieces:
Φ1.588mm steel ball ; hardness block .

Optional accessories

Hardness measurement software, brand computer, printer, standard hardness block, standard indenter

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