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Our Customer:

With advanced design concept, superb craftsmanship and strong scientific research strength, provide professional equipment and high-quality service for many scientific research institutes, universities and laboratories of industrial and mining enterprises. Provide complete solutions to material laboratories all over the world.

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Baic Motor

Purchased model: MHBD-62.5IS (Brinell) , HRRD-150P (Rockwell), MHVD-1000IS (Micro Vickers)

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Shanghai Lingo Automobile  

Purchased model: HV-10IS (Vickers); HRS-150D (Rockwell)

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West Anhui University    

Purchased model: MHBD-3000P (Brinell); HRS-150D (Rockwell); Vickers hardness tester; Furnace

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Shaoguan University 

Purchased model: HR-150A Rockwell hardness tester

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Chengdu Quality Inspection  

Purchased model: HRS-150D (Rockwell)

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BH Bearing Co., Ltd.

Purchased model: AHVD-1000XY (Semi-automatic Micro Vickers hardness tester), MHVD-10IS (10kg Macro hardness tester with software & camera

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Hainan University                           

Purchased model: HVD-10IS (Vickers hardness tester)

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Purchased: HV-1000IS Micro hardness tester with software); 4X-CIS (Metallurgical microscope)

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Shanxi New Energy Automotive Industry Co., Ltd.

Purchased model: AHVD-1000XY (Semi-automatic Micro hardness tester), HBRVD-187.5 (Universal hardness




Our customers from over 30 countries: Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, India, Iran, Turkey, South Korea, Poland, Thailand,etc.

Our goal is providing high quality products and best service to every customers & partners.