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Vickers Hardness Tester Application In Aluminum Hardness Testing

May 23, 2017
1. determination of aluminum profile with or without heat treatment, check the effect of heat treatment to determine mechanical properties of aluminium is qualified.
2. determine whether aluminum is a suitable alloy processed by determining aluminum alloy composition is qualified.
3. the measure sent to the lab for the inconvenience of long, heavy workpieces or accessories.
4. for aluminum production testing, acceptance testing and quality supervision and inspection. Main features 1. small volume, light weight, one-hand operation, easy to carry.
5. easy reading, can be easily converted into other hardness value. Measuring range are mainly used for measurement of aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper alloys can be measured. The measurement range is equivalent to: aluminum: 24~110HRE copper alloys: 60~90 HRF
6. can measure a variety of aluminum profiles.
7. simple skills to influence the reading.