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The Hardness Meter Is Used For The Measurement Under The Hardness Scale

May 09, 2017

Hardness of the classification

Sort by material

Metal hardness, rubber hardness, stone hardness, fruit hardness

2 by name

1) Rockwell Hardness Tester HR Surface Rockwell Hardness Tester HR (15.30.45) (N, T)

2) Vickers hardness tester HV

3) Richter hardness tester HL

4) Brinell hardness HB (S)

5) Shore hardness tester HS

6) Shore hardness tester HA

7) Wechsler hardness tester HW

8) Pasteurizer A unit is equivalent to the penetration depth of 0.0076mm

3 by type

Hardness Tester Portable hardness tester (portable hardness), desktop hardness, multi-function hardness, ultrasonic hardness, visual hardness

4 Display the classification by indication

Digital hardness tester, pointer hardness tester, read the value of that hardness tester

Hardness of the application of the occasion

Rockwell hardness: for the cast iron and other parts of the Rockwell hardness measurement

Vickers hardness: for thinner parts of the Vickers hardness measurement

Brinell hardness tester: for high hardness of the workpiece Brinell hardness measurement

Shore hardness tester: for the rubber products Shaw hardness measurement

Wechsler Hardness Tester: for the aluminum alloy products Wechsler hardness measurement

Hardness Tester Pasteurick hardness tester for glass steel products Baust hardness measurement

Universal hardness: for a variety of hardness scale hardness measurement under the scale

Microhardness tester: is a Vickers hardness tester, for a thin workpiece Vickers hardness measurement

Shore hardness tester for the determination of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals Shore hardness values

Hardness Tester in Heat Treatment Industry

Heat treatment is one of the important basis for improving and ensuring the quality and reliability of mechanical products and improving the market competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. The level of its industry plays an important role in the development of manufacturing industry. At present, China's heat treatment industry in addition to a small number of manufacturers, the overall level is far from adapting to the WTO after the heat treatment industry is facing more intense market competition environment. In this one, China's heat treatment testing equipment is more backward. Serious restrictions and hindered the development of process technology and product quality caused by instability, more importantly, can not effectively prevent the product appears unnecessary quality accidents. Here I am on the mechanical parts, mold and heat treatment after the most commonly used hardness test for example.

Hardness is a measure of the hardness of metal materials, hardness is not actually a unit of physical quantity, it is a symbol of the material elasticity, plasticity, deformation, strengthening rate, strength and toughness and a series of different physical combinations of a comprehensive performance Indicators, generally can be considered hardness refers to the metal surface is not a large volume of resistance to deformation and fracture ability. The practical value of hardness testing with portable Richter hardness tester is that it does not destroy the workpiece and can be tested in batches. It has become one of the important experimental methods for product quality inspection, reasonable process and product quality analysis.

Hardness Tester Pretreatment process after testing

The quality of this process directly affects the uniformity of the hardness distribution and the deformation of the teeth in the carburizing layer after the carburizing process. More importantly, the strength of the core (impermeable layer). When using the Leeb hardness tester to test the teeth of the teeth and the handle, the outer ring of the outer ring diameter and end face, if found in the same area of the test the highest hardness and the difference between the largest, in the review instrument furnace temperature, furnace , The process cooling methods are normal under the prerequisite, according to the hardness value of the difference between the level and the distribution of the situation, inferred from the workpiece there is segregation or strip organization. Such as metallographic images show banding segregation because the hardness test with the hardness of the test is in the black pearlite with high hardness, low hardness in the white ferrite band. This tissue defect can not be eliminated in the subsequent carburizing process, but is retained. Once the large gear, the ring gear there is such a tissue defect, in the installation of the use of not only will cause the problem of short life, and often cause major equipment accidents. When we test the hardness method can be inferred in the forging with such a band of segregation, the immediate use of solution treatment process operation or other elimination of band segregation process can eliminate defects, so as to prevent the occurrence of equipment accidents, reduce losses.