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Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester HR-45A

Jun 05, 2018


Basic Info.


Model NO.:HR-45A, HR-45DT, HRS-45D


Type:Rockwell Hardness Tester


Standard:ISO, ASTM, GB/T


Warranty:1 Year


Hardness Type:Rockwell Hardness Tester






Product Description

    Model HR-45A, HR-45DT, HRS-45D Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester

Tests the superficial hardness of metals.
The test principle and accuracy comply to standard ISO6508.
With the bench stand it can be used on the desk as well as on site.
Tests the hardness of thin plates, slim tubes, thin shafts, small balls and small stampings, workpieces with small indentation, replacing Vickers hardness tester.
It is used for finish workpiece non-destructive hardness test directly. The small indentation is acceptable to most workpieces.
Traceable standard hardness block.
Indenter inspected with standard Rockwell hardness tester.
Test force calibrated with load cells directly traceable to national secondary benchmark.

Initial test force: 3Kg
Total test force: 15Kg, 30Kg, 45Kg 
Indenter: 120° Diamond cone, Φ 1.588mm carbide ball
Accuracy: Meets ISO 6508, ASTM E18
Resolution: 0.5HR
Test range: HRN, HRT, HRW, HRX, HRY…etc. 15 scales.
Application range: All metals including iron, steel copper, aluminium, zinc, lead, tin, carburized steel, nitride dsteel etc.

Hardness Testers are based on the same construction principle of the COMP series which are already well known for their economy, reliability and ease of use. The measuring device consists of a micrometer gauge with manual zero setting. The108mm dial with either Rockwell standard or superficial scale(150-100-60Kgt) (15-30-45Kgt), allows direct reading of 1 unit and of 0.2 Rockwell units.
The loads may be selected by means of a knob ergonomically placed on the right side of the instrument.
Tests are carried out manually by operating the lever on the right side of the instrument, once the operator has displayed the correct pre-load application on the dial gauge and set the scale to zero by the dial gauge external ring.
By means of a knob on the lower left side of the instrument the operator can adjust the descent speed of the load applied.

HR-45A is manual operation with analoge dial reading.

HR-45DT is electric operation with analog dial reading.

HRS-45D is electric operation with digital screen reading.

Usage Range:
Surface hardened steel, surface heat treating and chemical treating materials, copper, aluminum alloy sheet, zinc layers, chrome layers, tin layers, bearing steel, cold and hard casting parts, etc.    


Initial Testing Force 29.42N(3KG)
All Testing Force 147.1N(15kg),294.2N(30kg),441.3N(45kg)
Indication of Hardness Value Dial
Duration Time 2-60S
Max Height of Specimen 170mm
Max Width of Specimen 130mm
Power Supply Ac220±5%,50-60Hz
Standard Accessories Standard Superficial Rockwell hardness block Diamond Rockwell Hardness indenter, Φ1.5875mm Ball indenter ,Large Testing Table, Medium Testing Table and V-shaped Table, Weight(a, b, c), Lever, Power Cord
Packing List
Accessories: Diamond Rocknell indenter 1 Weight(a, b, c) 3
Φ1.5875mm hardmetal ball indenter 1 Product operating manual 1
Testing table(big,medium, "V") 3 Certficate 1
Standard superficial Rockwell Hardness block 3 Plastic anti-dust bag 1