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Practice For Rockwell Hardness Tester

May 23, 2017
1. test preparation
(1) adjust the main test of the loading speed; (2) test of choice; (3) carefully install the pressure head.
2. HR-150A Rockwell hardness test procedure
(1) screw top and the upper and lower ends of table surface clean, put the table screw on stage;
(2) wipe clean supporting surface of the specimen on the bench, turning the handwheel slowly rises and top-up the head of table, small pointer red dot pointer 3 turn straight up so far;
(3) turn indicator housing, long lines and between the C,B pointer is;
(4) pull the loading handle, main test force applied, the pointer of the indicator counterclockwise rotation;
(5) when the indicator turns stops down, unloading the handle can be pushed back, removed the main force;
(6) from the corresponding ruler on the indicator readings;
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Turn the hand wheel the specimen down, then move specimen. (2)-(6) new test steps;
(8) after the test machine with a dust cover cover.