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How To Test Tinplate

Dec 13, 2017

Test tinplate can use superficial rockwell hardness tester, our model is HRS-45D, HR-45DT and HR-45A.

What is tinplate ?

A tin plate is not easy to rust, also called tin-plate. The iron is immersed in molten liquid tin. Tin is a metal that is less reactive than iron, which is not oxidized by the air and does not react with water, so it has a very strong resistance to corrosion. 

A thin layer of tin can protect the iron sheet. But coating electrochemical corrosion occurs, once they are damaged due to iron lively than tin, iron will serve as a galvanic anode oxidation reaction and loss, the existence of tin will speed up the corrosion rate of iron, tin is different, so it can only under the condition of the coating in good condition is to protect the action of iron.

Test tinplate use superficial rockwell hardness tester, but becaue tinplate is very software, and very thin,easy to penetrate, need to work with diomand worktable or carbide worktable such as high hardness worktable .