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Hardness Tester Maintenance Experience

May 23, 2017
1. takes note of the "handle with care"
Mobile hardness tester gently, and pay attention to packaging and shock. Because many of the hardness tester with LCD Panel, in case of strong impact, impact and vibration, could cause LCD Panel location of mobile, which affects the convergence of projection images, appear not to overlap RGB color. Meanwhile, hardness tester has a very sophisticated optical systems, if the shaking may also in the optical system of lenses, mirror displacement or damage to image projection and zoom lens lens stuck may also occur under the impact or even rupture.
2. the use of environmental
Environment clean is the common demand of all precision electronic products, hardness tester is no exception, and its environmental requirements than other products higher.
Our hardness tester should be placed in a dry and clean environment, away from moist places, and pay attention to indoor air (preferably in the smoke-free places). Due to the hardness of LCD panels are very small, very high resolution, any small dust particles that may have an impact on the drop shadow effect. In addition, the hardness is generally through a dedicated fan to dozens of litres per minute of air flow air cooled it, high speed air flow after filter dust also may carry small particles. The friction between the particles in electrostatic adsorption cooling system, will have some impact on the projection screen, while too much dust can also affect cooling fan turning, causing hardness tester from overheating. So, we need to regularly clean the air inlet filter screen. As LCD panels are sensitive to temperature, moisture-proof, dustproof and also make use of hardness meter away from sources of heat, so as not to damage LCD.