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Hardness Tester Head Introduction

Jan 20, 2017

Indenter in hardness test is a crucial part, its precision and quality is an important factor indication accuracy. Due to the different test method and pressure head with different materials, different switches, and a variety of precision.
Classified according to the material for manufacturing: steel, carbide, synthetic and natural diamond or corundum.
Can be classified by shape: spherical, conical, cylindrical, pyramid and diamond-shaped cone.
According to the test method can be divided into: Brinell hardness test method for φ 10, 5, 2.5, and φ 1 mm carbide ball head of. Rockwell hardness test method using φ 1.588 and diameter 3.175 mm hardened steel balls or carbide ball and cone angle of 120 ° diamond Indenter. Vickers hardness using the opposite phase angle of 136 ° ± 0.5 ° of the four pyramidal diamond Indenter. Designated marks hardness using 90 °, and 120 ° diamond pressure head model for: RC 1~RC 15 for 15 species Los's diamond pressure head; HV 1~HV 4 for 4 species dimension's pressure head; HD 1~HD5 for 5 species micro hardness with pressure head; HVG 1~HVG 2 for high temperature hardness with pressure head; HV 1 for Hans Henrik Knoop hardness with pressure head; HS 1 for shore hardness with pressure head, HC 1 for ultrasonic hardness with pressure head. Pressure head according to the test method of determination of object type, hardness and features an accurate selection.