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Hardness Structure Introduction

Jan 20, 2017

1. rack
It is the hardness of all parts on the supporting body, should have a very good rigidity and stability. Classified according to the shape of gantry and cantilever of two. Former outside except for a few on for extra hardness, hardness of standards and benchmarks in design. Cantilever-type hardness tester application most testing in General, are magnified by leverage and on the spindle.
2. loading mechanism
Loading mechanism include detection devices, plus unloading imposed detection speed detection device, control device, and so on.
Detection devices, there are several types:
Direct strength this is detection plus weight directly on the spindle, durometer seems bulky and heavy. However, this added testing approach reduces errors due to leverage, very accurate, so much for standards and benchmarks on the hardness. Wuzhong testing machine produced by the company HRBS-150 standard Rockwell hardness tester with digital display is to use direct loading, grating measurement of indentation depth and the number of the displayed value, its detection accuracy ≤ 0.1%; indicating accuracy ≤ 0.4 HR. Micro-hardness and low load Vickers hardness tester for detecting smaller, to reduce the relative errors also use direct loading methods.