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Hardness Of Common Troubles And Its Maintenance

May 23, 2017
1, load indicator, measuring microscope does not light
Then check the switch, bulbs, etc. Excluding these factors still does not light, first check the hardness of the power supply is connected. To see if all of your loads plus or Reed switch is working. Excluding abnormal, it must be from the line (circuit) with the step by step troubleshooting.
2, can't see or not see the indentation, turbidity measuring microscope
After adjustment remain unclear, it should start with adjusting the microscope focus and lighting. You should go animal microscope and eyepiece respectively, and move the mirror inside with dotted lines, solid lines, lines of three flat mirrors, look where a mirror is the problem, then remove the, long-fiber cotton stick without alcohol wipe, installed in reverse order after observing, if still unresolved, the micrometer microscope repaired or replaced.
3, indentation location has changed a lot, the indentation is not within the field of view or slightly turn table
Adjusted in the following sequence. ① the adjusting spindle activity measured clearance, the reason this happens is due to the head, measuring microscopes, table fixed axis due to the pressure caused by different heads of the three in the bottom of the shaft. To oriented seat bottom surface not directly contact spindle cone for associate; II adjustment hinge side screws makes work axis and spindle with (axis) heart, adjustable good Hou, try block Shang pressure out a pressure marks, observation its in microscope in the location, and records; ③ gently turned work Taiwan (guarantee try block in work stage not mobile) microscope Xia find try block Shang not turned of a points, this points that for table axis; II slightly release lifting silk Rod plate Shang of screws and bottom screws, light moved whole lifting silk rod, Table axis coincides with the where you note the indentation measuring microscope, then fasten clamp plate screws and adjust the screw, pressure indentation cross-reference. Repeat the above steps until the fully coincide so far.