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Hammering Type Brinell Hardness Tester

Jan 20, 2017

Hammer Brinell hardness tester as shown in Figure 2. Instrument consists of frame, steel ball hardness block, strip and reading microscope components. Testing with a hammer striking the top of bracket, steel ball impact together with samples and hardness block, left in the specimen and hardness indentation, indentation has a certain proportion of two, each measuring two indentation marks, look-up table, get the Brinell hardness value. United States standard ASTM A833 this testing method, national metrological verification method of JJG411 for this instrument.
This structure is simple, easy to use, cheaper. But force is not certain, large errors, accuracy of ± 8%, accuracy is ± 4% bar hardness block, less than a normal Brinell hardness block. Instruments can be applied on Brinell hardness measurement accuracy requirement of situations. This equipment is currently in the national casting, forging, rolling, heat treatment industry is generally applied to the production site.