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General Maintenance And Repair The Maintenance Methods Of Vickers Hardness Tester

Jan 20, 2017

In the case of specimens allowed, usually in different parts of at least three hardness test, taking the average hardness values averaged as a specimen. Specimens to be used for complex shapes of blocks, fixed before the test. Hardness of circular specimens are generally placed in the v-Groove test.
1, work environment and should pay attention to dust-proof and corrosion after shutdown. In more humid regions, keep the rust.
2, the sample and standard hardness block surface should be clean, no scratches, rub, bumps; when saving antirust coating antirust oil.
3 hardness timing, handling weights must be removed and the head and head with shockproof pad samples between; long distance transport should restore the original packaging.
4, any debug and check, such as loading and unloading weights, remove the lid, plug cable, open the side door check, cut off power supply. Is an important mechanical properties of hardness, it can reflect the characteristics of elastic and plastic deformation.