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Four Methods For Hardness Tester Sample

May 23, 2017
1, according to the sample conditions. Ask. Shock rebound hardness test, the sample thickness and weight are also generally have a minimum requirement. Can start with sample condition, selecting the appropriate hardness test scale. For indentation hardness tests, hardness of the same specimen, different rulers have different minimum thickness of the sample, such as sample size, shape, surface conditions may become important conditions for hardness test scale selection.
2, according to the technical requirements. manufacturing a finished product hardness tests may face different problems, such as a sample of the test of the bearing capacity and deformation, and measure the legacy of the indentation do not affect the product's performance. Sometimes you must make some modifications. Recommended with or without hardness conversion as little as possible, because every accurate hardness conversion must come with very harsh conditions, practical applications can be difficult to fully achieve. If these conditions are ignored, the resulting converted value may not have any value. Specimens and drawings or technical requirements to choose same test hardness scale, so as to have the best comparability. Drawings or technical conditions is not necessarily a panacea, because they generally are raised in accordance with the design requirements and many of them simply used hardness test method for raw materials.