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Common Hardness Points And Points For Attention

May 23, 2017
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Hardness tester notes
Special considerations when used in addition to a variety of durometer, there are some common problems that should be noticed, are listed below:
1, hardness itself produce two kinds of errors: one is the error caused by deformation of parts, moving; the other is outside the standard error for hardness parameters. The second error in measurement and calibration with a standard block of hardness before. On the Rockwell hardness tester calibration results, and the difference is within ± 1 qualified. Difference in stable value within ± 2, gives corrected values. Differential values in the range of ± 2 is required when adjusting for a hardness tester repair or change the hardness testing method. Rockwell hardness scale there is a de facto application, according to the provisions of the proper selection. For example, the hardness is higher than HRB100, the HRC scale should be used for testing hardness HRB scale below the HRC20 application for testing. Because beyond its test range, poor accuracy and sensitivity of the hardness, hardness values are not accurate and should not be used. Other hardness tests are also provided for the corresponding calibration standard. Calibration standard blocks for durometer cannot be used on both sides, because the standard hardness of the surface and the back is not necessarily consistent. General provisions valid for one year from the date of the calibration standard blocks.
2, when replacing the head or anvil, note the contact area wiped clean. After the change, to use a certain hardness of steel sample tests a few times, until the hardness values obtained from the same twice in a row so far. To enable the pressure head or anvil and testing machine contacts part pressed, good contact, so as not to affect the accuracy of the results.
3, adjusted for hardness, measured hardness, the first test point need not. For fear of the specimen in contact with anvil is bad, inaccurate measured values. 1th testing, hardness tester in the normal samples after the operating mechanism of State official tests, records measured hardness value. Spot welding machine
4, in the availability of specimens, testing at least three general elections in different parts of hardness values, average, average hardness values as specimens.