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China Instruments And Meters Industry Significant Changes In The Market Structure Will Be

May 23, 2017
Market trends of 2010 compared with the previous years there will be major changes. First, after the global financial crisis, the State changed on the equipment of industrial policy, investment in areas such as thermal power plants decreased, 2009 investments in thermal power fell 15%, thermal power generator's output declined by more than 28%. In the next three years, will continue to implement "small Shang da" policy, and the small area expanded to 125 MW and 200 MW. Overcapacity in steel industry, production capacity exceeds market demand reached 200 million tons, and exports fell by 65%. Cement excess capacity in the area of serious, 2009 1-investment in May rose 78%, in the current context has excess capacity, and nearly 100 new production line started. These areas will make part of the instrumentation industry the traditional market demand has decreased.
The other hand, with energy saving, emission reduction and low-carbon economy a long-term national policy, there has been a rapid development of new industries. For example wind power, nuclear power, Smart grids, high-speed train and rail traffic, which put forward new requirements for instrumentation. In the field of wind energy, countries will follow in the "integration into the grid, build a large base" requirements, strive to more than 10 years and several qianwanqianwa-level wind power base, target from the original plan of the total installed capacity of wind power by 2020 30 million-kilowatt has been upgraded to 100 million-kilowatt now. In the field of nuclear power, that national proportion national total power installed capacity by 2020 China's nuclear power from 4% to 5%, nuclear power installed capacity reached 100 million-kilowatt, the total cost will reach $150 billion, then nuclear power equipment industry in China's domestic market is expected to reach 500 billion yuan. In the field of rail transport, the State Council has batches and batches of urban rail transit planning, involving a total of 23 city, at present there are 12 cities in 36 urban rail lines are under construction, rail transit investment will exceed 1 trillion yuan before 2020.