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Brinell Rockwell Vickers Hardness Tester Common Problem Solutions

Oct 24, 2017

1、Bulb in microscope is not light

May be the bulb is broken, need to replace bulb.

2、Light is too bright or too dark

The brightness is not proper, switch machine to vickers or brinell, press↑↓ button to adjust.

3、Hardness tester doesn’t work

Maybe the fuse is broken, replace new fuse

4、Hardness value is big difference

1) Machine is placed not flat, weights close to machine body

Make machine horizontal as requirement.

2) Weights is installed in wrong order

Re-install weights as the following order.

3) “0” small weight is not put on

Put on “0” small weight as below picture

4) Contactor adjusting rod moved(No.3)

Ask professional person to operate

5) Indenter is broken

Replace diamend indenter or steel ball

6) Rod protection cover is higher than lifting rod

Press protection cover, make it lower than lifting rod

7) Eyepiece is not made into zero

Make two lines match together then make zero, as following:

Shock or Shaking during loading

May be the motor has problem, replace a new one

Lifting screw roll tightly with the sleeve rolled

Possible reasons is impurities with Screw and the sleeve ,rough-cast screw.

Solution: flat the rough surface with sand paper, re-install, but you need to re-adjust lifting screw, make it in the same center with indenter rod.

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