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Analysis Of Sensor Manufacturing Industry As A Whole In China

May 23, 2017
From the global market, 2013 global optical fiber sensor market size of us $1.89 billion, 2014-2018 18% an average annual growth rate of the market growth is expected, between 2018 market reached 4.33 billion dollars.
Domestic fiber optic sensor market at an early stage, but a broad space for development
Sensor industry report issued by the Institute for prospective industries pointed out that current optical fiber sensing industry in China in the initial stage, the size of the market is small. But domestic multiple industry also began widely application fiber sensor, for example, oil and gas, and space aviation, and biological medical, field will large application fiber sensor; again as, fiber sensor can pre buried in concrete, and carbon fiber enhanced plastic and the various composite in the, for test stress pine Chi, and construction stress and moving load contains stress, to assessment bridge short-term construction stage and long-term operating state of structure performance. In the presence of policies and economies of scale, broader market space of optical fiber sensors.