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2017 SIOMM Hot Sell Hardness Tester Micro Vickers Models

Oct 30, 2017

2017 will soon have passed, let's summarize hot sell micro vickers hardness tester models.

Micro vickers hardness tester

1) Touch screen micro vickers hardness tester MHVD-1000AT, operation convenient and beautiful appearance, big screen show max value. min value and average hardness value, over value will alarm, high end customer choice.the eyepiece will use Japan brand Omron eyepiece .


2) Micro vickers hardness tester with auto measuring software MHVD-1000IS, the software can work with Windows 7 or Window 10, 32 or 64 bits either is ok .the eyepiece is also use Japan Omron eyepiece .SIOMM MHVD-1000IS-600.jpg

3) Digital micro vickers hardness tester HVD-1000AP ,this hardness tester price most of customers can accept, but have full function, and operation is also convenient, just press one key, will show indenter length, general spearking, this is a high cost performance hardness tester , the eyepiece use general brand eyepiece.



4) Besides, we have other basic models for your choice, for exammple, non-digital micro vickers hardness tester with manual turret or auto turret, micro vickers hardness tester with LCD screen and so on, welcome your inquiry .