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2016 Instrumentation Industry How To Denver

Jan 20, 2017

Areas of market segments to create a professional leader
Instrumentation industry become more stable as a whole, needs in the market looking for direction is not very simple. But in the niche, maybe we can find opportunity. In the field of environment monitoring instruments, is one of the two sessions this year focused on promoting the construction of ecological civilization and improve environmental quality. Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, energy pollution in four major pollution treatment became the focus of the work, in such a situation, China's environmental monitoring instruments to benefit, environmental monitoring related to the explosive growth of the product. In terms of smart metering, meter industry this year and as the research orientation of the reform of the energy sector. Whether it be marketing electricity side of the electric power industry reform, or the Internet of energy reforms in the energy sector, which is inseparable from the measurement instrument used. Smart meters can get a wide range of applications, in line with the overall direction of the economy.
At risk and avoid the transformation and upgrading of
Development of the instrumentation in the field of industry in 2016 is still growing a year. But this one, there are many enterprises do not appears the risk of backsliding. Just avoid these risks, to enable enterprises to really dig this "pot of gold". First is the increased risk of competitive pressures, market expansion and the lure of profit, Enterprise often lead instrument in a State was not thinking about their own development, and transition, production of large market for current products. But often there will be a lot of production quantity and poor quality of unequal situations, often not conducive to instrument development, making the nuggets broke down on the "dead". Secondly, the risk of implementation of policy is not in place. Policies will often due to local circumstances, implementation is not in place or delay the implementation, in such circumstances, instrument companies need to do is to be able to control their own risks, incurring policy cannot operate without implementation occurs.