Multi-function Big Screen Auto or Manual Turrent Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

Digital Omron eyepiece, read D1, D2 directly. Data computing systems(accuracy: 0.01um). Big screen shows multi-information. Vickers and Knoop hardness testing capabilities

Product Details


Main functions and features: Omron eyepiece & Data computing systems(accuracy: 0.01um)
2.American 3M, Allegro, and Japanese Omron, NKK brand
3.Adjustable intensity of light source for long time operation.
4.Vickers and Knoop hardness testing capabilities
5.Large digital LCD Screen shows mutiple result


Data transfer software can transfer test data to computer via RS-232 port (test process).

Main purpose and application:
1.Steel, nonferrous metals, tinsel, cemented carbide, sheet metal, metallographic structure.
2.Carburization, nitriding and decarburization layer, surface hardening layer, galvanized coating, coating.
3.Glass, chip and ceramic material.





CE certificate No. : GB/1067/3980/12 Issue 1

Hardness scale

HV0.01, HV0.025, HV0.05, HV0.1, HV0.2, HV0.3, HV0.5, HV1

Conversion scale

HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HK, HBS, H15N, H30N, H45N, H15T, H30T, H45T

Testing force

10g (0.098N), 25g (0.245N), 50g (0.49N), 100g (0.98N ), 200g (1.96N), 300g (2.94N), 500g (4.9N), 1000g (9.8N)   Test force error: ±1.0%

Loading speed



Standard Rectangular pyramid diamond indenter (136º±0.5º)

Min. measuring unit


Hardness value range


Hardness value of reading

Digital LCD Screen (118x99mm)

Total magnification

100X (For Observation) , 400X (For Measurement)  
(Can be extended to 150X or 600X)

Loading Method

Automatically(Load, dwell and unload the testing force)

Duration Time

1-99s  (each step is 1 second)


Manual Turret

Auto Turret

Objective lens center and indenter center

Coincidence accuracy error < 1um (objective lens center position can be adjusted)

Specimen Allowing Maximum Height


Throat depth


Instrument size and Net weight

490×185×515mm (L×W×H) 43kg

Packing size and Gross weight

625*430*900mm ( LxWxH) 57kg

Light Source

LED Cold light source (can be continuous use for 24 hours, no heat generate ensure stable working, servicing life can reach 100,000 hours)

Power Supply

220V + 5%, 50/60 Hz  (110V is available)

X-Y Testing Table

Dim.:100×100 mm,  Max. Travel Range: 25×25mm,    
Moving Resolution Ratio: 0.01mm
(Digital X-Y Testing Table with digital LCD Screen for Optional)

Data Output

Built-in Printer; Built-in RS-232 interface (transfer data to computer, easy for long time save)

Executed Standard

GB/T4340, ASTM E384 & E92, EN-ISO 6507, JIS B-7734

Standard Accessories

1 piece:
10X Omron digital micro eyepiece ; 10X and 40X objective lens; Vickers indenter; X-Y Testing Table; Flat fixture; sheet specimen fixture, Small parts fixture; Gradienter, Power Cable; Dust-proof cover; Manual Book; Quality certificate; Warranty Card; Accessory case
2 pieces: Standard block of hardness
4 pieces: horizontal adjusting screw

Optional Purchase Accessories

Hardness measuring software; Metallographic equipment; Knoop Indenter; hardness block; 15X micrometer eyepiece


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