Benchtop Micro Hardness Tester (MHVD-1000AP)

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Benchtop Micro hardness Tester is a lab instrument to measure the hardness value of all kinds of metals according to Micro indentation hardness principle ASTM E384 and ISO 6507. They are widely used in metallurgy, forging, casting, hardness steel and nonferrous metals ,IC thin sections, Coatings, ply-metals; Glass, ceramics, agate, precious stones; thin plastic section industries, as well as in the laboratories, universities, college and scientific research institutes.

3.Readingthedataandtestingresult,processingdata,outputtingtheresulttoprinter,convertingthescalesto HV,HR,HBandetc,savingdataandlinkingRS232interface.
4.CanbeOptionallyequippedwithdigitalmicroscopeandinterface,whichcan belinkedtocameraandCCDvid eo-camera.


Model MHVD-1000AP
Testload 0.098N(10gf),0.246N(25gf),
Leus/indenterswitch MotorizedTurret
Carriagecontrol Automaticloadingandunloadingmethod
Magnificationofmicroscope Formeasurement:400X(Objectlens40x,eyepiece10x)
Forobservation:100X(objectlens 10x,eyepiece10x)
Loadholdingtime 1-99 second
Measuringmicroscope Minmeasuringunit:0.25um
Testingfield 1-4000HV
Microtesttable Dimensions100x100mm

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