Image Analysis Metallurgical Microscope System 4X-CIS

Mainly used for the identification and analysis of metal internal structure of the organization

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Product description :

Mainly used for the identification and analysis of metal internal structure of the organization, it is an important instrument in the Metallographic structure research: casting, smelting, heat treatment of material microstructure; inspection or material analysis of raw materials all shall be using this instrument. It is an effective means to study the surface morphology, and widely used in electronics, fiber, textile, printing, micro-particles, powder and other industries. And it has become an necessary equipment of scientific research, teaching, and industrials. In today's society, the conventional metallographic microscopy and photography can not meet the requirement of more and more researches. Input microscopic image into computer and do a variety of image post-processing by the microprocessor is a new technology in the microscopic field, can synchronize with the advanced technology of the world. The instrument is equipped with more than 10 million pixel digital camera system, with multiple optical zoom, can shoot standard magnification microstructure map, suitable for calibration contrast, rating and set times printed.


1. With high-definition image capture card easy to synchronize the display to complete the focusing of the microscope and real-time acquisition of microscopic images;

2. The image can be processed in various ways by computer.

3. The system was equipped with professional quantitative metallographic image analysis computer operating system (SRMAS software), real-time measurement of the collected sample map, ratings, analysis, statistics and graphic output report;

4. Scientific configuration of the system, easy to use, widely used in mining, quality inspection, research and teaching enterprises.


Main configuration :

1) Instrument body

2) Light source module

3) Eyepiece sleeve

4) Ternary interface

5) Flat-field objective PL10X, PL20X,PL40X,PL100X oil

6) Flat-field eyepiece 10X

7) Graduated ocular 10X 8) Micrometer 0.01/ 1 mm

9) Color filter yellow, green, blue

10) Synthesis of oiled 11) Micro slide Φ10 mm,Φ20 mm

12) Spring clamp

13) Dust cover

14) Spare lamp 20w/6v

15) Spare fuse 0.5A

System configuration:

1) Ternary inverted metallurgical microscope 1set

2) Digital adaptor 1pc

3) Image Sensor 1pc

4) Image capture card 1pc

5) Professional quantitative metallographic analysis software 1set

6) Softdog 1 pc

7) Data line 1pc


Metallographical Analysis Software

SDK2000 color / black and white image capture card, real-time transmission of digital video signals to the display memory or system memory. The input color video signal is processed by digital decoder, analog-to-digital converter, scaling, cropping, color space conversion and so on, through the PCI bus to the VGA card real-time display or real-time storage to the computer memory. Data transmission process is controlled by the image card, without CPU participation, instantaneous transmission speed up to 132MB / S.

The system has the following characteristics:

◇ Input mode: software selection and switching: six CVBS input, three Y / C input, six selected one analog video output;

◇ Image acquisition resolution: 768 × 576 × 24bit (PAL), 640 × 480 × 24bit (NTSC);

◇ Flexible collection of images: support single field (odd field or even field), single frame, continuous field, continuous frame, interval several or several frames and other collection methods;

◇ Graphics coverage function: by filling out the mask (MASK) template, real-time display and storage of any shape of the input image;

◇ Hardware to complete the input image scaling (SCALE), cut (CLIP); input image size, location can be set flexibly;

◇ Support color space transformation YUV4 ︰ 2 ︰ 2, RGB32 and Y8Bit and other image display and storage format;

◇ Support the computer content and capture images with the screen display work;

◇ Support software to adjust the brightness, color, color saturation, contrast;

◇ Support user encryption function: to protect the user software from piracy damage;

◇ Provide WINS and Linux environment development tools and demonstration programs; support VC, VB, BC, C + + Builder and other development environment.

◇ Adaptability: with the optical microscope connected to the camera, digital cameras and other analog or digital video signal in the computer storage, editing, graphics and other real-time transmission.


Metallographical Analysis Software Introduction

   Meet GB, YB, HB, QC, DL, DJ,ASTM standard, english menu, operation is simple and convenient.

Main function

◇Image edit software:Image collect,Image save and more than 10 functions,

◇Image software:Image enhance,Image overlay and more than 10 functions,

◇Image measure software:Perimeter、Area、Percentage composition and dozens of measuring functions,

◇Output method:Data sheet output, Histogram output, Image print output..

Special metallographic software package:

◇Grain size measurement rating(Crystal phase extraction, Grain boundary reconstruction、Single phase、Double phase、Grain size measurement、Rating),

◇Non-metallic inclusions measurement、Rating(Including sulfide、oxide、silicate),

◇Pearlite、Iron content measurement、Rating, Ductile iron casting graphite nodularity measurement rating.

◇Decarburization, carburization measurement, surface coating thickness measurement..

◇ Ferrite, Austenite stainless steel area measurement..

◇ Analysis of eutectic silicon and eutectic silion in high silion aluminum alloy

◇ Titanium alloy materials analysis

◇Including the comparison of nearly 200 kinds of commonly metal materials of metallographic map, meet the vast majority of units of metallographic  analysis and testing requirements;

◇In view of the increasing number of new materials , the materials and evaluation criteria that have not been entered in the software can be tailored and entered.


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