HVD-50AP Vickers Hardness Tester, Hardness Meter, Durometer, Sclerometer

Bench Vickers Hardness Tester, Digital Hardness Tester, Hardness Tester manufacturer / supplier in China, offering HVD-50AP Vickers Hardness Tester, Hardness Meter, hardness testing machine, hardness testing tool, Durometer.

Product Details

                                       Jvjing Precision has great competence in producing hvd-50ap vickers hardness tester, hardness meter, durometer, sclerometer as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various testing equipment. Please rest assured to buy the low price equipment at a discount from our factory. And the price list and the quotation are also available if you need.

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Product Description

Macro Vickers Bench Type Hardness Tester HVD-50MP, HVD-10AP, HVD-30AP

For Macro vickers hardness tester, we can supply different force upto 5kgf, 10kgf, 30kgf, 50kgf with auto or manual turret function.

This item is about max. 50kgf macro vickers, for others please check:

HVD-5AP: 5kgf small load vickers hardness tester

HVD-10AP: 10kgf vickers hardness tester

HVD-30AP: 30kgf ditital vickers hardness tester

Features and functions

--Precision load cell, to get accuracy result

--Integration of computer programming technology, high resolution optical measuring system and photoelectrical technique;
--Soft key input;
--Light source adjustable
--Selectable testing model, conversion tables,dwell time, file number input and data saving functions;
--LCD screen to display testing model, test force, indention length, hardness values,dwell time and numbers of test;
--Built-in printer to export test result
--RS232 interface for PC connection;
--Reserved optical tube on top, option for camera connection

Vickers hardness tester is specially designed for testing minute, thin samples or parts after surface coating. For research institutes, factories labs and QC departments, this is an ideal hardness testing instrument for research or measuring purposes.

Loading mechanism Automatic loading and releasing method
DWell time 1-99s
Magnific Aation of microscope For measurement:100x, 200 x
(objective 10 x, 20x  Eyepiece10 x )
Min.measuring unit 0.02μm
Max.height of specimen 200mm
Max.depth of specimen 159mm
Text range 8HV--3000HV
Instrument size 625*430*900mm
Weight 45kg



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