High Performance Digital Macro Hardness Tester Vickers (HVD-50AP)

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50Kg Digital Macro Vickers Hardness Tester HVD-50AP
The advantages of the Vickers hardness test are that extremely accurate readings can be taken, and just one type of indenter is used for all types of metals and surface treatments. Although thoroughly adaptable and very precise for testing the softest and hardest of materials, under varying loads, the Vickers machine is a floor standing unit that is more expensive than the Brinell or Rockwell machines.

Principle of vickers hardness tester: 

The Vickers hardness test method consists of indenting the test material with a diamond indenter, in the form of a right pyramid with a square base and an angle of 136 degrees between opposite faces subjected to a load of 1 to 100 kgf. The full load is normally applied for 10 to 15 seconds.

The two diagonals of the indentation left in the surface of the material after removal of the load are measured using a microscope and their average calculated. The area of the sloping surface of the indentation is calculated. The Vickers hardness is the quotient obtained by dividing the kgf load by the square mm area of indentation.

When the mean diagonal of the indentation has been determined the Vickers hardness may be calculatedfrom the formula, but is more convenient to use conversion tables.

The Vickers hardness should be reported like 800 HV/10, which means a Vickers hardness of 800, was obtained using a 10kgf force. Several different loading settings give practically identical hardness numbers on uniform material, which is much better than the arbitrary changing of scale with the other hardness testing methods.

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Product Name 50Kg Digital Vickers Hardness Tester
Model HVD-50MP HV-50AP
Difference Turret Manual Auto
Mini-Printer YES YES
Hardness Conversion YES YES
Testing Force Kgf 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50
N 9.8, 19.6, 29.4, 49.0, 98.0, 196, 294, 490
Testing Range 8HV-3000HV
Loading Control Automatic (Loading, Dwell, Unloading)
Magnification of Microscope Observation:10x/20x; Measurement:10x/20x
Digital Eyepiece Magnification:10x
Dwell Time Adjustable 1-99s
Hardness Indication 1HV/LCD Display
Illumination Adjustable LED
Max. Height of Specimen 200mm
Instrument Throat 159mm
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz;110V/60Hz
Execution Standard ISO 6507,ASTM E92,JIS Z2244,GB/T4340
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