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Image analysis software HV Micro/Vickers Hardness Measurement Software

Jul 05, 2018


Main Functions

1. Auto hardness measurement: With a click of a button, the software automatically measures the diagonals of the indentation, calculates the hardness value  and  the statistics; Support auto measuring & manual measuring.

2. Hardness curve: With the depths of test points by user input, the software automatically plots the hardness curve(s); User may save and load the depths in a depth template file for later testing for convenience;

3. Conversion, compensation, and validation: Converts HV to other hardness scalesValidates the test results with sample dimensions; Compensates the test results with respect to sample cylindrical/spherical diameters;

4. Statistics: Automatically updates the statistical values such as average, min and max, standard deviation,Cp and Cpk;

5. Auto-alarm: Automatically marks the out of spec measurements;

6. Test report: Automatically generates WORD or EXCEL report with customizable template;

7. Data archiving: Measurement data and images can be saved in one file for later retrieval;

8. Knoop Scale: Can be configured for Knoop Scale measurement;

9. Other Functions: Includes the basic functions of imaging system such as image capture, camera calibration, image processing, geometric measurement, document labeling, album management, and printing with specified magnifications.

Hardness report format as below: