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How to choose a hardness tester

May 31, 2018

When you choose a hardness tester, the following factors you should consider:

Q1. Choose the hardness scale you need, if you don't know the scale, skip to Q2.
hardness scales include: HV, HK, HR, HB, HL, etc

Q2. What's the test method you need?

Q3. If the hardness scale is not sure, consider the material of specimen, what's the testing force is suitable?

Testing force range of different hardness scale as follows:

Micro vickers/knoop: 10gf-2000g, this type is widely used in thin metal, coating layer, soft material, ceramics, etc.

Macro vickers: upto 50kgf, this type is widely used in carburized layer, stainless steel, alloy, etc.

Rockwell: upto 150kgf, this type is widely used in harden alloy, annealed steel, etc.

Brinell: upto 3000kgf, this type is widely used in cast iron, steel and other harden metal, etc

Q4. The size of specimen, it decides the working size of hardness tester.