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Brinell Indentation Measurement System/Universal Hardness Tester/Brinell Hardness Test/Hardness Tester/Metal Hardness Tester/Brinell Durometer/Durometer

Jun 13, 2018

Auto-measure Brinell Software


Main function and features of software: 

1.  Image analysis software that researched by our institution, can be customized for kinds of functions, handy operation , perfect function and meet most customers’ demands.

2.  It can test Brinell hardness, easy to shift the dynamic and static measurement.

3.  It can enlarge the indentation image measurement, and can be amplified again for diagonal part to avoid manual error.

4. It can automatic to identify the indentation image and measure the indentation diameter for bright and clear sample surface.

5. Real time display the indentation diameter, hardness value, indentation depth, material strength, conversion hardness value etc..

6.  It possesses the unique mark positioning function, testing the positioned point hardness value.

7.  It can be adjusted the color, gray, contrast ratio, lightness of the image.

8.  Attached with function of indentation tangency fine tuning, length measurement and angle measurement etc..

9.  It possesses the function of test result statistical analysis, automatic generation and export         for the format of Word, Excel of hardness measurement analysis report, and save the indentation   image, print etc..

10.  Support WIN8,WIN7,WINNT,WIN2000 and so on operation system.


Standard accessory: hardness measurement software CD; portable microscope ;dongle; data cable

Software interface: